Let This Be A Lesson

Let This Be A Lesson

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This is for those who own domain names and their own websites.

Last night, I made a change to one of my blogs which is a subdomain on one of my domain names.  This morning someone asked where my blog had gone.  Much to my horror, the domain name was parked by the domain reseller.

I started mentally calculating and realized it should have been up for renewal, oh…now!  I had been so caught up in my Dad getting home from the hospital and trying to work out a supplier for new equipment that I completely forgot.

Then I wondered why the domain reseller hadn’t contacted me.  Normally, I get emails about a month in advance and then every week after that.

A quick check on my account revealed the reason.  It was linked to an email account I no longer owned.  I had changed it everywhere except where it was most important.  On top of that the credit card information needed to be updated.  So, even though the domain was on auto renew the transaction couldn’t be processed, nor could they contact me to let me know.

It’s in the process of renewal of an expired domain.  Until it’s brought back to life, one website and four blogs are completely dead.

I thought I would pass this on.  Sometimes we miss the simplest things and then they turn out to be very important.

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