Added a Cemetery to

Added a Cemetery to

Today I worked on Challenge 6 of the Winter Genea Blogger games: Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness. I worked on Task B–Post one or more gravestone photos at Find A Grave.

I have been meaning to work on Find A Grave since the beginning of the year as a Pay it Forward. A volunteer had gotten several photographs of tombstones at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, CA for me last December. I was overjoyed to finally see the Kelly-Dolan family tombstones. I promised myself that I would add something to Find A Grave in the new year so that another researcher might benefit.

I added a couple to the St. Mary’s Cemetery, Oakland, Alameda County, CA. They are my Great Great Aunt and Uncle Marie (Pacheco) and Joaquim Jacinto da Camara. Their entries were not in the database, so I added their information. They I posted the tombstone photo for each.

Here is Marie

Here is Joaquim

I got sidetracked when looking through my tombstone photos and decided I really needed to add something for Kauai, HI.  I searched the cemetery database but could not find Kilauea Catholic Cemetery (aka St. Sylvester’s Cemetery).  So, today, I added my first cemetery.

After that I added two memorials with photographs.  These are for my Great Great Grandmother, Ana Jacinta de Melo Pacheco and my Great Uncle’s father, Augusto Souza.

Here is Ana

Here is Augusto

I plan to continue building Kilauea Catholic Cemetery.  I also would like to add the burials I have for Holy Cross Cemetery (Colma) and St. Mary’s (Oakland).  For most of those I don’t have tombstone photographs, but I do have the data from the cemetery files.

It feels good to be sharing information.  Hopefully, another researcher will come across these names and be able to add to their own family history (and contact me too!)

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  1. Is Lihue Lutheran Church on FAG?? I need to go look. Man has family in that cemetery. Guess I am surfing over for a lookie see this AM.

  2. Carol, I did a quick search. Lihue Lutheran is listed. However, there are only 3 interments listed for the cemetery.

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