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Oh My God! There was a desk under there!

One of my genealogy goals for 2010 was to complete all the input from the two folders that have been sitting on my desk probably since the new millenium caused fear with computer owners.  I am happy to saw that today I completed the second folder.

It’s funny what you find when you go through something.  I was missing a section from my Kauai Portuguese Family Research Project.  Oh look!  The sheets were all in folder #2.  It pays to look through things every now and then.  And, wouldn’t you know it!  There was this really nice computer desk under all those pieces of paper all that time.

Now comes the cumbersome part.  All those papers (a couple inches thick…yikes!) need to be sorted and then filed into the appropriate binders.

But what a great feeling!  We’re just starting the 3rd week of the new year and I have already accomplished something.  Miracles never cease!  And, wouldn’t you know it.  There was this really nice computer desk hiding under all those pieces of paper all this time.  It will be nice to write a note and not be doing it on top of all that paper.

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