My Genealogy Goals for 2010

My Genealogy Goals for 2010

(For the Carnival of Genealogy–New Years Resolutions)

This year was frustrating.  While I found many records to add to my tree, I had very little time to organize, analyze, and input data.  I’ve overwhelmed by stacks of documents on my desk and files on my computer that I haven’t even printed out.

My number one genealogy goal for 2010 is to get through everything on my desk.  This mean input everything in the two folders that have been sitting right in front of me for two years.  If I can’t match it up then it goes in the binders with the other unknowns for future comparison.

Then I will file every darned piece of paper that has already been input.  It will all be in the genealogy binders neatly filed with it’s matching family.

That is my priority.

If I meet my number one goal, I will then get all the research on my computer organized.  Some of it has already been input.  I will add the word “input” at the end of the file name so I know that it is so.  I will get all the documents sorted into the family folder it belongs with.  I will then print out those that need to be in the binders.

It’s a tall order!  I believe if I can get through the first goal, it will make it all the more easy to accomplish the second goal.  It is frustrating to know that I have records proving a certain item and not being able to locate it easily.  I think I will feel much better when the stacks of paper are off my desk.

Here I come 2010!

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3 thoughts on “My Genealogy Goals for 2010

  1. Another genealogy blogger that has a organizing goal. Sigh, we’re a sad bunch, aren’t we ;). Still, I wish you good luck with your goal in 2010, may you get it all accomplished!

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