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Wedding Chapel Wednesday: I don’t want to touch the flower girl!


Alice Cosma was born in 1914, the daughter of Joaquim “John Cosma” Jacinto da Camara and Marie Pacheco.  She was their last of nine children born to the couple.

Clarence Darcy was born in California in 1910.  His parents are unknown.

Alice and Clarence married in 1932.  The best man was Louis Avelar and the bride’s maid was Alice’s niece, Helen Cosma.  Helen and Louis would end up getting married about four years later.  Both are in this photograph on the right hand side.

On the right, you see a young girl, Alice’s niece, Aileen.  Next to her was Alice’s cousin’s son, Theodore Souza.  Aileen was the flower girl.  Theodore wasn’t in the wedding.  But, when he was sighted amongst the wedding guests, someone thought it would be cute if he was added to the photos.

Theodore told me he wasn’t too thrilled about it.  They were asked to hold hands.  If you closely you can see that they barely have a finger touching.  Theodore didn’t want to get cooties from his cousin so he decided to hold the basket with her instead.

This wedding most likely took place in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA.

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