Doubly Awarded :)

Doubly Awarded :)

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I have only been online briefly the last two weeks as my Dad prepared for his cataract surgery (it went well, by the way).  You can imagine how surprised I was to find that I was nominated twice for the Kreativ Blogger award!

Thank you to Carol, over at Reflections from the Fence and Karen, over at Genealogy Frame of Mind.  I am honored that both of you found my blog of interest.

As a recipient of this award, I have to list seven things about myself and nominate four bloggers for the award.  Here goes nuthin’…

1.  I have been working on my family three for 19 years and I’ve been obsessed every since I put pen to pedigree chart.

2.  I was once a volunteer chat host for AOL’s Golden Gates Genealogy Forum and later

3.  My sweet 3 legged Lab, Sierra, passed away in July.  I am now the owner (or owned by) a 7 month old Jack Russell Terrier named Misha.

4.  I am a proud Aunt of 4 ages 7 to 22.

5.  I am disabled with arthrits.

6.  I love reading.

7.  I am the collector of binders filled with genealogy data and fear one day I will be crushed by them during an earthquake.

I spend way too much time reading blogs.  My nominees for this award are:

Elyse’s Genealogy Blog

The GeneaBloggers Blog

Small Leaved Shamrock Blog

Footnote Maven

I will “wear” my award proudly 🙂  Thanks again!

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