Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: How Many Descendants?

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: How Many Descendants?

Randyof Genea-Musings set out a mission for this Saturday.  Count up generations in your descendants list, then calculate the living and dead.  Of those, note how many you have met.  After much consternation, I decided to use Margaret (Jones) and Harry Jackson.

1. Children = 6 (all deceased)
2. Grandchildren = 12 (5 living, 8 deceased)
3. Great-grandchildren = 14 (5 living, 1 deceased)
4. Great-great-grandchildren = 20 (19 living, 1 deceased)
5. 3rd great-grandchildren = 7 (all living)
6. 4th great-grandchildren = 1

7. 5th great-grandchildren = 0

This is an increase of 60.  I have met in person 12 of the 60.  Through the power of the Internet, I have met 4 more.  So that is 16 of the 60 that I’ve met.

While I have been able to do very well with some of the tree, I still need to figure out that marriages of Margaret (Jackson) Fafri.  I haven’t been able to find any record of them.  I don’t believe their are an offspring from these marriages, but it would be nice to prove the events.

Then their is my Mom’s cousin, Rees.  I have yet to be able to make contact with anyone from this family.  I am sure that his three children have married and have children of their own, but I have no idea who they are.  The family hasn’t responded to letters, so I have let them be.  Eventually, I might be able to figure it out through marriage and birth indexes or city directories.  For now, they remain a blank spot on the chart.  It’s a little disappointing since I have other lines much further removed from myself reported out to the youngest member.  I never even found cousin, Rees’ obituary!

Might I add, that I am so happy he didn’t ask us to start with our great great grandparents!  In my Pacheco line their were 8 children, who spun off into 65 grandchildren!  Yipes!

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