GenealogyWise: My Page

GenealogyWise: My Page

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My previous post gave a brief description of the new genealogy social networking website,  Now, I would like to take a look at My Page.

My Page is your user profile.  It’s the page that people visiting GenealogyWise will see when they pull up your name.

Besides wasting several minutes trying to find the right color background (like I did), there are many other features:

The Left Hand Column

Here you’ll find your basic links in text link form and in categories.  There are many things to do here including add photos to your photo albums.  You’ll find all the groups you’ve joined, your friends, and your RSS feed if you have added one.  I entered the RSS feed for this blog.

The Middle Column

Here’s you’ll find your Latest Activity, Your Profile Information (what and where you are research and so forth), the Text Box where you can type in just about anything, My Photos, and the C0mment Wall where folks can say nice things to you.

The Right Hand Column

There is a small box with your Inbox (yes, more email to keep track of), Alerts, Invite friends, and change your profile settings. Then there is a category for and it’s offerings.  Next you will see Members (not necessarily friends), Birthdays across the whole network, and some genealogy links related to

Some things not readily seen are Apps and Widgets.  I have yet to explore those, but I’m sure I will lose many more minutes figure them out 😉

The only thing I would add is a family tree or better yet a place for descendant’s lists.

I think the people behind GenealogyWise put alot of thought into this.  It’s much better organized than some other networks.  Features are easy to find and navigate. I think it might turn out to be a better network for genealogy purposes than Facebook which has too much going on.

Please feel free to friend me.  I’m always happy to connect with genealogist, especially those who might turn out to be cousins.

[This little box can be found under badges at the bottom of the screen on your page]

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