Genealogy Bumper Stickers

Genealogy Bumper Stickers

Randy over at Genea Musings posted this Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge.  Create your own genealogy related bumper sticker slogans.

Here are some that I came up with.  Not sure how creative I am…LOL:

I fell off the Portuguese Hawaiian Family Tree

I fell off the French Family Tree

I fell off the Australian Family Tree

I fell off the Irish Family Tree

(I could go on and on and on…)

Genealogy: It’s Not Just A Hobby…It’s An Obsession

I Break for Dead Relatives

Wanted:  Ancestors Who Could Spell Their Own Names

Yes, I’m Related to Royalty.  Now Bow Down, Peasant!

Royal Descendant Still Looking For My Kingdom

Proud To Be A Descendant Of Laborers

My Relatives Ran French Laundries.  I Didn’t Inherit Than Gene.

My Ancestors Can Hide, But They Can’t Run!

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