A Week without Posting

A Week without Posting

Last week was an amazing and difficult week.  I had so much to think about that I didn’t get around to posting at all.

The good news…my sweet 3 legged Lab who I wrote about on this blog is getting a donated doggie wheel chair!  I’ll post more about that later.  But, there was much ado about measuring her for the chair and then reading up on how the chair works, how dogs adapt, and so forth.

The bad news…our washing machine has been making strange noises which got worse this week.  Then it started splattering something grey on the loads.  Finally, after pulling out a soggy, unspun load, I realized that it was either a repair or a new machine.

I spent the weekend doing research on that, ordered a machine today, and it’ll be delivered tomorrow.

Hopefully, my brain will have a little room for genealogy this week.

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