A Genealogy Website I Could Not Do Without

A Genealogy Website I Could Not Do Without

Everyone’s got favorite website. Some gravitate towards the large sites with numerous databases covering their area of research. Others have found a small site that covers a county or a town where their people originated from. Each would deem these websites indispensable.

One website I could not do without is the SFGenealogy website run by Pamela Storm and Ron Filion.  It was one of the very first website I found for my San Francisco ancestry.  I’ve been visiting it for years.

Pamela and Ron have put together a fine website.  It’s one of the few I’ve come across that combines instruction, history, and genealogy data without charging an arm and a leg. Without this website, I might not have taken my San Francisco roots very far.  The things I’ve learned about researching in San Francisco and the data I’ve found has been truly remarkable.

If you are researching family in San Francisco, be sure to check out this gem.  You just might find a a missing link.

Is there one genealogy website do you consider indispensible?  Is there a site that helped you get your research off the ground or over a roadblock?  Tell me about it by posting a comment.  I’d enjoy hearing about it.

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