What a Month!

What a Month!

You may have noticed I’ve been missing for awhile on this blog.  My computer died.  I borrowed a relative’s but it wasn’t the same.

Then my Dad was hospitalized with breathing difficulties.  He had pneumonia made worse by his emphysema.  He got out on 15th and is doing much better that he has in several weeks.

I got my new computer last week.  Much to my chagrin, a couple of my backup CDs have gone bad.  Thank goodness my genealogy databases are fine.  They’re backed up to September.  I don’t think I input much since then.  At any rate, it’s better than no database at all!

I’ve been slowly getting over the stress of my Dad’s illness and reloading everything to my new computer.  I hope things settle down soon.  I want to start blogging again!

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