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You knew I wouldn’t be able to leave John C. Jones alone!  I fell asleep with him on my mind and I woke up with him on my mind.

I followed the family through the census.  I found John and wife, Margaret, in the 1870, 1880, and 1900 census.  I confirmed that they had three daughters, Jeanette “Nettie”, Nellie, and Maud. John started out as a blacksmith in 1870 and ended up as a gardener in 1880.

John and Margaret were married ca. 1865.  She was from New York, so the marriage had to take place in San Francisco.  I might luck out and find a newspaper announcement.

I decided to look in the 1890 San Francisco Voter Registration index next.  I found this entry:

John Charles Jones, age 48, born in Australia, Blacksmith, residence-134 4th Street, Naturalization 1 Aug 1867, San Francisco, 4th District

Unfortunately, he applied for citizenship in San Francisco.  Those records are lost.  At least, I learned he was here in 1867.  I’m narrowing down the year of immigration.

I picked up the date of naturalization and John’s middle name.  That should prove helpful if I ever search for the Jones family in immigration records.  Not a bad day’s research since I hadn’t even heard of John C. Jones this time yesterday!

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  1. Miriam Robbins Midkiff

    It’s nice to know I’m not the only one out there thinking about research morning and night, literally! :-)

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