The Yearly Family Newsletter

The Yearly Family Newsletter

Do you do an end of the year family newsletter?  I started doing one 9 years ago, but mine is a little different than the typical strain.

It started as a pay back to cousins who had helped me with my family tree.  I am deeply greatful for all the help I receive, the stories shared, the endless questions answered.  Each December I put together a newsletter that is part family news from my Pacheco and de Braga cousins and part family history.

Usually, the first part is filled with information from cousins:  marriages, births, vacations, retirements, new jobs, and that sort of thing.  This year I included a “meet your cousin” story, which told everyone about a cousin and his wife.

The second half is family stories, family history, and a snippet of genealogy research I’ve been working on.  This year it included information about my new family website at, research I’ve done identifying the houses on E. 25th Street in Oakland, a couple of family stories, and names I found on families living in Oakland in the voter registration logs.

It’s alot of work.  I usually start at the end of October getting the family history side together–sometimes it’s difficult figuring out what to write.  I spend November begging cousins to send my family updates.  Somehow by the second week of December it’s all together and ready to mail out.

Sometimes I think I should really do a new year newsletter.  It seems that just after I send out the newsletter, someone will send me information about a cousin who died or someone who got married.  HUMPH!

If you write a yearly family newsletter, how is done?  Do you do one on your family?  Do you do one on your family tree research?  Do you have some interesting ideas?

It’s rewarding to put together this newsletter, though alot of work.  I’m able to say thanks to those who help me and they get to read a little bit about the family.  Sometimes cousins who haven’t heard from each other in 50 years begin communicating again.  It’s a nice little thing to do when people allow you into their memories.

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