Preserving Historic Moments

Preserving Historic Moments

This week our country had an historical presidential elections.  It was a moment of pride and emotion for the entire nation as we elected our first African American President.

When historical events, disasters, or momentous occasions occur, do you write about them and save them for your family?  After interviewing several older relatives and wondering what they felt or thought during World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, the day Kennedy was shot, or the day Nixon resigned, I decided to make note of some of the events around me so that future generations would know what I was experiencing at the time.

My writings begin with the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake.  It’s interesting for me to read what I wrote that month.  I sense my anxiety and fear, some of which were not realized (thankfully!)  It will give the next generation a sense of what we all were going through.

This week I plan to write about the 2008 Presidential election.  I plan to record some the negative campaigning, waiting for election results, seeing civil rights leaders like Representative John Lewis shed tears, and crying myself as Barack Obama delivered his speech to a massive crowd.

I encourage you to do the same.  Your children and grandchildren will appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your thoughts.  Sure, they’ll still have documents and charts to look over, but think of how precious your personnel recollections at the time of an important event will mean to them?  Take some time and write them down!

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