Fooling Around with Genealogy Statistics: The Pacheco’s

Fooling Around with Genealogy Statistics: The Pacheco’s

After a seriously fatiguing afternoon mopping the floor, my brain has gotten a bit loopy.  Instead of doing anything that needed to be done, I decided to play around with the statistics in my genealogy database.

These statistics are for my Pacheco line.  I started with my last ancestor, Jose Pacheco and Francisca Theresa, my Gr Gr Gr Gr Grandparents.

This is the statistical chart is based on those ancestors, their descendants and their spouses.  I tried descendants and collateral lines, but it marked everyone in my database which seemed a little extreme.  This report was run using RootsMagic 3.

This is what I found out:

Statistics Report – 30 Nov 2008
Individual Statistics    All    Male    Female    Unknown
Individuals Selected    1549    831    709    9
Individuals with marriage event    355    180    175    0
Average age at marriage    23.30    24.98    21.57    NA
Minimum age at marriage    5.00    5.00    12.00    NA
Maximum age at marriage    63.00    63.00    57.00    NA
Individuals with death age    294    167    126    1
Average age at death    58.86    57.04    61.74    0.00
Minimum age at death    0.00    0.00    0.00    0.00
Maximum age at death    98.00    94.58    98.00    0.00

Marriage Statistics    All    Male    Female    Unknown
Married Individuals    1010    517    493    0
Average marriages per person    1.13    1.09    1.17    NA
Minimum marriages per person    0.00    0.00    0.00    NA
Maximum marriages per person    6.00    3.00    6.00    NA

Average children per family    1.75    1.76    1.74    NA
Minimum children per family    0.00    0.00    0.00    NA
Maximum children per family    14.00    14.00    14.00    NA

One reason to run this report is to see if their might be errors or problems in with my data.  How accurate do you think the numbers are?

I have 831 males, 709 females…that seems okay.  But I have 9 unknowns…it’s possible but still something to look at. None of my unknown sex people are married, which is good.

The average age at marriage was 23.  The maximum age was 63.  But the youngest was 5?  I don’t think so!  Average amount of marriages was 1.13 and I have someone married 6 times, though that person comes under the male column.  That’s does not seem right at all!  I can think of one of my Grandfather’s female cousins who was married 6 times.  I checked.  She is listed as female.  Maybe I’m reading that wrong.

Out of my 1549 individuals only 249 have death dates.  Does that seem plausible?  The tree does get bigger as the descendants keep coming.  This might be something to look at.  One question might be if my software recognizes died circa year (i.e. ca. 1910) as a real death date or not.  Does it look for something in the field or only a definitive death date?  That’s something to explore.

The average number of children per family was 1.74.  I have a family with 14 kids.  Those people were sure active in the olden days.  LOL

It is interesting to see this statistical report.  If I wanted to pursue possible problems further, I should print out the problem chart to see where some errors might lie.

Do you have statistical reports in your genealogy software?  Do you use run the reports periodically to get a feel for your tree?

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