Getting to Know You, Getting to Know Your Blog Roundup

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know Your Blog Roundup

Terry Thornton of the Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi blog challenged genealogy bloggers to tell their readers a bit about themselves and their blog.  Then they were asked to highlight their best, breeziest, and most beautiful articles or posts.  You can read my response if you like: Getting to Know the Research Journal.

Many bloggers participated.  There are alot of interesting, humorous, informative, and touching articles to read.  Check out the whole collection.  You might find a new favorite blog or a new cousin:

Getting to Know You Part 1

Getting to Know You Part 2

Getting to Know You Part 3

A big shout out and round of applause for Terry who did an excellent job putting this all together!

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2 thoughts on “Getting to Know You, Getting to Know Your Blog Roundup

  1. Thanks for the links and the kind words. I’m so glad the The Research Journal participated in the Getting to Know You challenge — I enjoyed learning about you and your websites and thoroughly enjoyed reading the three articles you selected as the best representative of your work.

    Terry Thornton
    Fulton, Mississippi

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