How to Waste a Whole Evening

How to Waste a Whole Evening

I set out Saturday night in search of my unknown Dolan clan.  As is always the case, I started down one path and ended up somewhere completely different.

I was on the website looking for useful resources.  I came across the website.  I thought “What the heck” and gave it a go.

I didn’t do very well at all with my Kelly Dolan clan.  I know that most of them are at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, CA.  Unfortunately, none of my family was listed–even the ones I have proof of being buried there.

I went over to St. Mary’s Cemetery in Oakland, CA.  Same thing.  They’ve got losts of graves listed just not my family members.

As a last resort, I tried Holy Sepulchre in Hayward, CA.  Bingo!  Bingo!  Bingo!  I was up way past midnigh pulling up gravesites, looking at tombstone photographs.  It was so cool!

I noticed a few of my “known” graves are missing.  I was kind of surprised about one as another family grave a row or two over was there.

Maybe I should get off my butt and add some plots and photographs.  The genealogy gods would probably like that.

So, thanks to whoever the volunteers were who took the time to photograph the 20-30 tombstones that are for my relatives.  You made my evening!

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