A Dabbler in Languages, A Master of None

A Dabbler in Languages, A Master of None

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I have lines in France, the Azores, Portugal, Australia, Ireland, and England.  Further back into my noble lines, I hit most of Europe.

Because of the wide range of countries, I’ve had to learn the basics of a couple of languages.  I’ve learned a little French and a little more Portuguese.  I know some Spanish which has come in handy in interpreting both the Portuguese and French.  In Hawaiian Catholic Church records, I had to pick up some Latin.  In the pre-state Hawaiian records, I had to learn a bit of Hawaiian.  And when I worked on my brother-in-law’s La Grange (de la Grange) line in Schenectady and Albany, New York ca 1700, I suddenly had to cram on Dutch.  That’s six languages just to get through the family history!

I would not say I am proficient in any.  I’m probably best at Portuguese.  I can now “read” genealogy books and pick out the salient information.  I muddle through the best I can.

How many languages do you know?  How many have you had to learn in order to do your family tree?

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