What the Research Journal Blog is About

What the Research Journal Blog is About

As part of the Genea Blogger Games, one of my tasks is to tell you what the Research Journal Blog is about. As I remodeled and refocused the blog recently, it seems like this is a good opportunity.

Originally, this blog was set up to take research projects and follow them step by step to completion. I ran dry on research ideas (hard to believe with a 5000 people database!) Instead of letting the blog die, I decided to move it into a new direction.

The Research Journal now focuses on general genealogy based on my own research experiences. It will cover how to research, interesting websites, heritage and history, with a few ancestor stories thrown in for fun. Since my research areas are California, Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, France, Australia, the Azores Islands, Ireland, England, and European nobility, my entries will draw from that experience. But, since I have the genealogy obsession and have been known to research lines out of an urgent need to do research, you might find entries pertaining to a wide range of research.

I’ll also use this blog to update you on my genealogy research for the Korean War MIA project. I’m currently working on the MIA from Hawaii and Alameda County, California.

I hope that you’ll find the blog informative, interesting, and a little bit entertaining.

Feel free to post comments about any entry. We might share a similar research area or a cousin or two.

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  1. I noticed that one of your projects involved Korean War MIAs. Stop by our website, then drop me a note if you would be interested in helping out in our effort. Take care.


    Ray Sestak

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