Ship Indexes Added to

Ship Indexes Added to

One of my Genea Blogger Games challenges was to participate in an indexing project. I’ve been working on my own project to index the Portuguese names on manifests for ships coming from Hawaii to California. After months of not doing anything, I put in some hard time today.

The indexes have all been created. But, they need proofing, converting to HTML, modifying code to work with my templates, and when that’s all verified, they need to be uploaded to my website,

Today, I successfully added three new indexes to my website:

SS Korea, page 1, September 1907

SS Korea, page 2, September 1907

(note: the same names do not appear on page 1 and page 2, so check both if you think your relatives might be listed)

SS Lurline, June 1920

So, my fourth challenge under Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness is completed. I hope someone finds their ancestors on those lists!

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