My First Carnival of Genealogy

My First Carnival of Genealogy

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I’ve been reading about the carnivals of genealogy on Randy Seaver’s blog for some time. For the life of me I could never figure out how you found out about them and where to submit your entry.

When I signed up for the Genea Bloggers Network on Facebook, I found out that many carnivals are posted there. I made participating in a carnival one of my challenges.

I chose two carnivals. The first is on Irish heritage. The carnival topic was back to school days. I decided to write about my lines and how I would try to research them back to Ireland. I set out an outline for how I could accomplish this goal based on what records might be available.

The second was on stores. I started writing one about the first shopping mall in the area but ended up writing about our our corner store, J & J’s.

It was fun to do some topic specific writing. I haven’t done that since I was volunteering for and we put together monthly topics. I look forward to seeing the link to my entry at the carnival website when it’s posted.

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