I’m participating in the Genea-Blogger Games

I’m participating in the Genea-Blogger Games

As of today, I am an official participant in the 2008 Genea Blogger Group Games.

I will be competing in all five categories, but my goal is not to complete every task in every categories. I would like to do my best and make a good showing, a bit better than the Eddie the Eagle of blogging. Here is what I set out to accomplish:

Go Back and Cite Your Sources

I plan to add 10 or more citations to my genealogy database

Back Up Your Data

I plan to backup all my databases on my computer and then copy my backups to CD (I haven’t done a full backup since February when my computer was acting perquacky)

Organize Your Data

I plan to file at least 20 pages from that stack. I have a stack of documents that have been sitting on my desk for quite some time now. They’ve been input into my database and need to be filed in my ancestor binders.

I plan to organize 20 digital files (emails) label them, print them if necessary, and file them in the appropriate folders on my computer.

I plan to take digital photos from my email inbox, figure out which family they belong to, label them, and file them in the appropriate family folder in my “My Photographs” on my computer.

I plan to input 20 new data entries in my genealogy database.

Write, Write, Write

I plan to write a summary of what the Research Journal blog is all about and post it here

I plan to participate in a Genealogy or Family History Blog Carnival, something I have never done before.

I plan to write a brief biographical sketch about one of my ancestors, maybe Felicianno de Mello, Thomas Jones, Catharine (Dolan) Kelly, or Brigitte (Breilh) Mazeres. I’ll let you guess which one I decide to pull out of the hat. 🙂

Reach Out and Perfom Genealogical Acts of Kindness

I plan to comment on a genea-blog that is new to me.

I plan to join a genea-bloggers network on Facebook.

I plan to assist a genealogist in a research request.


I have to blog about my progress and each task that I complete, so you’ll be able to follow along on the blog. I probably won’t accomplish everything I set out to do, but I will try my hardest. Maybe the readers of this blog can spell out my name with some nifty placards and do some cheers with your neighbors. LOL I’ll take all the support I can get.

Wish me luck!

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