Genea-Blogger’s Blog Networks on Facebook

Genea-Blogger’s Blog Networks on Facebook

I have marked off another item completed on my Genea-Blogger Group Games challenge. I have signed up for five genealogy blogger networks on Facebook. I only needed to do one, but  were several that piqued my interest. I have been a fan of a couple of these blogs for years and it was nice to give them some support.

These are the groups I signed up for:

California Genealogy Society and Library Blog. Though I am not a member (can’t afford it), I once was. I appreciate the work that they do. The blog is connected to the Oakland Public Library. I’ve taken advantage of the many genealogy related resources at that library that I’m glad someone is making good use of them. I used to go down on my lunch hour and sit hunched over a microfilm reader reading obituaries or sitting in the back writing up names from city directories.

Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter–an all time favorite! Eastman’s newsletter is one of the best. It has a wide range of resources and articles. I’m a huge fan.

AnceStories: The Stories of my Ancestors–I’ve only learned of this blog recently and I hope to explore it more.

Genea-Musings–This is Randy Seaver’s blog. I have to say it’s one of the best genealogy blogs around. He blends personal research and general genealogy resources. I especially enjoy his posts on funny names found in the census.

Those are the blog networks I am now a fan of on Facebook. It makes me want to search for more.

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2 thoughts on “Genea-Blogger’s Blog Networks on Facebook

  1. Hi Melody,
    Thanks for joining the CGSL blog network. I wanted to let you know that the blog is not connected in any way to the Oakland Public Library. I write the blog as the Marketing Director and a member of the board of directors at CGS. Of course we do have a great working relationship with the OPL and I have spent many hours at those microfilm readers poring over newspaper film borrowed from the Pennsylvania State Library (no California ancestry!) Great to meet a fellow Genea-Blogger!

  2. Kathryn, Thanks for the clarification. We probably crossed paths at the Oakland Public Library. I was the one with the bleary eyes. LOL

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