Genea Blogger Games Weekend

Genea Blogger Games Weekend

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Representing the United States, the Kingdom of Hawaii, France, the Azores, Portugal, England, Ireland, Australia, and a bunch of other places is…ME! 🙂

I didn’t really get to do much for the competition this weekend. I took care of my brother’s 3 dogs. One of them ate a bar of a soap and was ill the first day and a half. The other two got sick on the last day. Not conducive to blogging or genealogy.

But I’ve been working hard this morning and have two entries completed in the Write! Write! Write! category. You will find them here:

My Great Great Grandmother, Margaret (Kelly) Jones

What the Research Journal Blog is About

I hope to be amongst the awake tomorrow. Then I’ll get to work on some of the more difficult tasks.

Go team USAFrancePortugal! LOL

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