Genea Blogger Games Update 2

Genea Blogger Games Update 2

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I thought I’d post an update to show what I’ve accomplished so far.  I’ve found the games to be challenging and fun.  It’s really pumping my genealogy juices.  All I want to do is research!

I’m pleasantly surprised at what I’ve accomplished so far.  Here’s my status report:

3.  Organize Your Research

A.  Organize at least 20 hard files

I’ve got a bronze medal so far

4.  Write, Write, Write!

A. Write a Summary about your blog

D.  Write a brief biographical sketch about an ancestor

I’ve got a silver medal so far

5.  Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness

A.  Comment on a new to you blog

B.  Join another genea-blogger’s network on Facebook Blog Networks

D.  Assist another researcher with a research request

I’ve got a Gold Medal so far

In progress:

Organize at least 20 digital files…I wanted to organize my genealogy emails.  However, my first idea didn’t work.  I was going to apply tags to emails like “2008 newsletter”, “Pacheco genealogy”, “Need to print”, etc.  I thought I could sort in list view with Thunderbird or at least click on a tag and then see all the emails with that tag, but it doesn’t work that way.  Also, when it sorts tags in munches them all together.  So all the “need to prints” are in one category and all the “2008 newsletter, need to print” are in another category.  I’m going to have to rethink this one.

Participate in a genealogy carnival…I’ve writing two posts.  All I need to do is proof them, then follow the instructions for the carnivals and I’m done.

Prepare several posts in draft mode…I’ve got a couple going already.

I think I’ve accomplished quite a bit considering I had my miserable sick dog weekend and didn’t really get started until Monday.

This is fun!  I hope their will be more competitions like this.  I’m enjoying it immensely.

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