When Turkeys Sleep

When Turkeys Sleep

My Grandma was a very young city bride. She grew up in Oakland, California. While her parents kept some animals, it was very much city life.

During the depression, my Grandma and Grandpa made the decision to leave Oakland for the Salinas Valley. Grandpa could find work on one of the sugar beet or other produce farms. Grandma could find some work in town.

My Grandma did her best to adapt to her new life. She had many things to learn in her new country surroundings.

My Grandma and Grandpa sometimes went to play cards at one friend’s house. As this was a rural area, their house did not have indoor plumbing. The bathroom was an outhouse across the yard. In the middle of the card game, Grandma had to use the outhouse. When she didn’t return, they all set out to look for her. There they found Grandma lying in the yard under a tree looking quite shaken up. They all began to laugh. My Grandma had no idea what hit her but the others soon clued her in.

As she was walking to the outhouse, a turkey had fallen out of the tree and landed on her head knocking her to the ground. That day, my Grandma learned that turkeys sleep in trees. To this day, my Grandma laughs hysterically whenever she tries to retell this tale. Beware of falling turkeys everyone!

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2 thoughts on “When Turkeys Sleep

  1. 1. Like your Grandma, I had no idea that Turkey’s slept in trees.
    2. Like your Grandpa and their friends, I had to laugh at the picture of your grandmother felled by a falling turkey.

    Very nice – I enjoyed your story!.

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