Striking Out with the Census

Striking Out with the Census

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[Research Journal #7, Entry #5]

I went back to the 1920 census. This time I searched through Massachusetts which may have been a worse idea than working in New York. Boisvert’s were as plentiful as Smiths!

I searched for Alphonse since he was 17 or 18 at the time. Perhaps he’d be living on his own or married to Katherine. I searched for Philias but could not come up with anyone married to an Elzyre.

Did Alphonse’s parents died before the 1920 census, were they even in Massachusetts in 1920?

I decided to do some searching in the 1910 census. Alphonse would have been about 7 years old so they should have been living together. But, there was nothing on the family.

Something was beginning to stink about the Boisvert family story. If they were in the United States from about 1903 onward, then why weren’t they in any of the census records?

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