Going Forward with the 1930 Census

Going Forward with the 1930 Census

[Research Journal #7, Entry #4]

Since I was fairly sure that my brother-in-law’s mother was raised in the United States, I thought I’d take my chances trying to find her with her parents. I had some of the same difficulties that I had with the 1920 Census. Too many Alphonses! And, don’t even ask about Katherine’s.

I kept look in Schenectady, but didn’t find the family. I eventually found them in another part of New York: Clifton Park, Saratoga County. (Interesting note: Though my brother-in-law’s mother was alive at time, she had no recollection of living in Clifton Park)

The 1930 Census provided one very important clue. Alphonse was not born in New York like the family believed, he reported being born in Massachusetts. Katherine and the children were born in New York, so this meant that Alphonse’s parents would be found elsewhere.

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