The Boisvert Family

The Boisvert Family

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[Research Journal #7, Entry #1]

My brother-in-law’s mother’s line was Boisvert and Murphy. I thought I’d start with Boisvert since it seemed a heck of alot easier to research than Murphy.

The family story was that Alphonse Boisvert married Katherine Murphy in Schenectady, New York around 1920. Alphonse and Katherine were born in New York, though it was unclear if their parents were natives of New York or not.

I had some tidbits about the Boisverts. They were French Canadian and came from a town called Asbestos. Alphonse’s father or grandfather owned land there and may have sold it all not realizing their was an Asbestos mine waiting to be found.

In this journal we explore how to go from US records to Canadian records. It was going to be tricky since there may be a generation or two in between and I’d never worked in Canadian records before.

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  1. Hi, my name is Robert Boisvert and I just came across your web site. I am a part of the Boisvert family here in Canada and I know that at one time my grandmother and grandfather had moved back to Massachussets when my grandmother was pregnant with her first born. Her family hails from Taunton Massachussets. In all she had 14 children. Her maiden name was Allard. I hope this helps somewhat. My grnadmother was born in 1902 and was the eldest in her family.

  2. January 10, 2008. Hi, my name is Patty Vargo and I am the granddaughter of Alphonse Boisvert and Kate Murphy. My mother, Dorothy Rose, was one of their children. She grew up in Schnectady, NY . I believe that her grandparents were the ones that you mentioned (taken from a birth certificate) – How are you related Mel? Are you related to one of the Boisvert girls? Please email me at if you want to compare notes. I just googled “Alphonse Boisvert” one day and got to your site> Thanks,
    Patty Vargo – Westlake OHIO 440 552 2325

  3. Hi, my names is Sara Boisvert (married name). My husband is Eugene Boisvert and his father’s name was Robert Boisvert. He died circa 1984-1986. He lived in western Massachusetts most of his life. My husband doesn’t know much about him but does know that his ancestors are from Canada as well. I believe he was born circa 1906. I’m hopeful that maybe someone has some information about him? robden that previously posted here has striking similarities to the tid bits I know about my husband’s father. If anyone has any information that would be so helpful. Thank you!

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