A Wasted Jaunt through the 1920 Census

A Wasted Jaunt through the 1920 Census

[Research Journal #7, Entry #3]

Thinking that with names like Philias, Elzyre, and Alphonse this should be a breeze, I headed off for the 1920 Census. I was in for a big surprise.

There were more Boisverts than you could shake a stick at. Philias? Alphonse? It seemed that everyone had a Philias and Alphonse in their family! I tried to find Elzyre but had no luck. I tried many variations: Elzire, Elzear, Alsire, and so forth. I came up empty.

I did some searches on the US in general, but there were way too many Boisverts to go through. I didn’t have enough information about the family and might be looking in the wrong place.

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