Settling on a Date

Settling on a Date

[Research Journal #6, Entry #11]

I needed to figure out just how old Felicianno and his siblings were. I went back to the marriage records starting with Felicianno and Rosa’s marriage in 1840. I didn’t hit a sibling until 1837 when I found Francisca da Conceicao de Mello marrying Elias Pacheco.

I kept going. Each year I seemed to hit another sibling. I went back through the 1830s and reached into the 1820s. I found the last entry on the microfilm in 1819 when Felicianno’s sister, Maria Jacinta de Mello, married Joze Boteilho. They were married 30 Jan 1819 in Maia.

Taking all this into account, it meant that Felicianno’s siblings were born anywhere from the late 1790s to about 1820. They were almost a generation older than Felicianno’s wife Rosa!

Next visit to the FHC, I would be hitting the baptismal records.

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