Rosa’s Baptismal Record Found

Rosa’s Baptismal Record Found

[Journal #6, Entry #8]

As I mentioned before their was a rule about when people marry. I used that rule to search for Felicianno and Rosa’s baptismal records. As they were married in 1840, I thought I’d start my search around 1825.

I found Rosa with relative ease. She was baptised 7 Mar 1824 in Divino Esperito Santo Church. Her parents were Manoel Boteilho and Antonia da Conceicao. Her godparents were Joao d’Arruda and his wife, Barbara do Esperito Santo.

I wasn’t having any luck with Felicianno though! I went up to 1830 and down to 1820, but I had no luck. Where was he????

Something was up with Felicianno but I didn’t know what. Was it possible the Priest missed his baptsmal? Was he born in another village even though all signs pointed to Maia? Could his baptismal record be lost in the records of a nearby church? At this point, I wasn’t sure what to think.

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