Felcianno and Rosa Get Married

Felcianno and Rosa Get Married

[Research Journal #6, Entry #7 ]
I didn’t find any more children for Felicianno and Rosa prior to 1841. It was time to look for their marriage record.

I began with 1841 and worked my way backwards. I was very lucky in that I only had to go back a year. Felicianno and Rosa were married 26 Oct 1840 at Divino Esperito Church. Their names were given as: Felicianno Francisco de Mello and Rosa Jacinta. Felicianno was the son of Joam de Mello, deceased, and Maria Thereza. Rosa was the daughter of Manoel Botelho and Antonia Leonor, deceased.

The records from this era did not give ages or baptismal information (other eras do). I would have to decided what my next approach would be.

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