Another Baptismal Record

Another Baptismal Record

Next on my list was to find Maria da Conceicao’s baptismal record. It wouldn’t hurt to find her siblings either! So, back to the Family History Center I went.

I was getting pretty good with baptismal records. If the same Priest wrote the records, they had a pattern. You could easily find the pertinent information without too much effort.

Someone once told me that girls married at about 20 and men at about 30. It’s a rule that would help me at times and result in my doom at other times. As I was interested in finding Maria’s siblings, I started with 1840 and worked forward. From 1841 to 1864 I found 11 children for Felicianno and Rosa. Felicianno’s name stayed fairly constant as either Felicianno de Mello Castanho or Felicianno de Mello. Rosa was another story. I added Rosa Leanor and Rosa Joaquina to the growing list of variations. I was fairly certain they were all one and the same. Marriage records would determine that.

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