As Klondike Cornelius Would Say “Ah Nuthin!”

As Klondike Cornelius Would Say “Ah Nuthin!”

Normally, we work our family trees backwards from present to past.  Sometimes we get impatient.  My Kellys were supposed to be in New Hampshire in 1849, so I jump the census years to see if the Kellys were there in 1850. I searched through many, many Kellys. Unfortunately, no one matched my family in Manchester or anywhere else in New Hampshire.

This meant that I would not be able to take the easy way out. I was going to have to search for the Kellys in all census years. My first stop was the 1880 Census.  Martin and Catherine Kelly did not appear in the index. I looked at the pages around where Thomas and Margaret Jones lived with no luck.

I have no reason to believe that Martin Kelly was not in San Francisco in 1880. I was going to have to skip over 1880 and move to 1870 to see if I could pick up the family’s trail.

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