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The Beauty of Newspaper Indexes in Resolving the San Francisco Records Gap

Genealogy Research Journal #4, Entry #5

With death date in hand, I was ready to search for my great great grandmother.  I still knew very little about her. I needed to figure out what sources would replace the death documents that were destroyed in 1906.

Newspaper Indexes Help the San Francisco Records Gap
By chance, I learned that the Call Monitor, an early San Francisco newspaper, was in the process of being indexed. I couldn’t find any mention of Margaret’s death, so I decided to see if there was a marriage entry. I found Thomas Jones and Margaret Kelly who married in 1869.

The person who created the index supplied copies of entries for a fee.  I ordered the marriage entry and waited (oh, how genealogists have to wait!) wrote the person who created the index to see the original.

I now had the only proof that Thomas Jones married Margaret Kelly.  But, I still didn’t know anything about Margaret’s life.

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