An Ancestor Named Margaret

An Ancestor Named Margaret

Genealogy Research Journal #5, Entry #1

In this genealogy research journal, we explore my grandmother’s maternal line.   A line I knew very little about when I started my family tree despite my grandmother’s help.  Because of the unique challenges that researching San Francisco records at the turn of the century present, I had to locate resources I might not have otherwise delved into.

My grandmother knew quite a bit about her grandfather and next to nothing about the grandmother who had died before she was born. Her name was Margaret and she was Irish. She married Thomas Jones and they lived in San Francisco. She died giving birth to my grandma’s Aunt Clara. That was it.

I didn’t really know how to go about finding any details about Margaret. I did not know her maiden name, when and where she was born, or when she died. Her parents and siblings were unknown. She lived in San Francisco which meant that unless she died after 1906, there would be very few public records beyond the census.

So, how did I unearth her identity?  We shall see in the posts below.

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