The Problem with Ida: Are There Two in the Family Tree or One?

The Problem with Ida: Are There Two in the Family Tree or One?

Genealogy Research Journal #3, Entry #1

Every family has it’s common given names.  When it is coupled with a common surname, it gets confusing.  In the second research journal, I learned that the surnames Jacinto, Jacinto da Camara, Jacintho, Camara, Cambra, and Camera all referred to one family. (Read Journal #2 for their story) It was difficult sorting out each generation with so many surname variations.  Things really got muddled when I found out about Ida, wife of Jose A. Pacheco.

Ida was part of my  Kauai extended family tree.  She married Jose A. Pacheco, son of Francisco Pacheco and Alexandria de Caires.

Most called her Ida Camara, but some called her Ida Cosma.  If she was Ida Cosma, then she was the daughter of Manoel Jacinto da Camara and Minnie Pavon (aka Manuel & Minnie Cosmer). But, this didn’t make sense. Everyone referred to their daughter as Ida Drew.

A couple of questions had to be answered to solve this mystery:

1. Were their two Ida’s or one?
2. If there was one, why didn’t anyone say that Ida (Cosmer) Drew’s as being married twice?
3. If there were two Idas, who did Jose A. Pacheco’s wife belong to?


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