What We Know About Our Idas

What We Know About Our Idas

Genealogy Research Journal #3, Entry #3

It’s important in genealogy to assess what you have. So, let’s take a look at what we know about Ida #1 and Ida #2.

Ida #1 aka Ida (Cosmer) Drew
What we know is that Ida was the daughter of Manoel Jacinto da Camara and Minnie Pavon (aka Manoel and Mary Cosmer). She was born in 1907 in California. She married someone with the last name of Drew.

Ida #2 aka Ida (Camara) Pacheco
What we know is that Ida was the wife of Jose A. Pacheco, the son of Francisco Pacheco and Alexandria de Caires. Ida and Jose lived on Highland Ave, between 1920-1950. She had, at least, two children: Dorothy and Thelma. At some point, they moved to Lakeport, CA.

This wasn’t much to go on. Both Ida’s could still be the same person married twice if people were remembering their parents incorrectly.

How was I going to prove that they were two people and not one? I would have to research individually to prove who was who.

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