Oh, what a crazy 24 hours!

Oh, what a crazy 24 hours!

I was all set to go on a blogging rampage yesterday. But, I couldn’t log into my blogs. I kept getting a 500 Error.

I contacted my webhost, 1and1.com. It appears WordPress needs PHP5 to run. My admin was set up for PHP4. I followed their instructions for changing this information and…nothing. I still got the error.

I’m persistent as all get up. I search the web to see if anyone else experienced my problem. I found the answer on a forum. PHP version was in fact the issue. I had done step 1 (what 1and1 told me to do), but I also needed to create an .htaccess file and put in a line of code. Once I did that, I could log in again.

It’s really strange. I have been using WordPress for 2-3 years. I upgraded to the newest version about 4 weeks ago. Why it worked all that time then refused to yesterday is a mystery.

So, I am back! Now, what was I going to blog about?

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