I’m Selling Some of My Genealogy Books

I’m Selling Some of My Genealogy Books

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Many of you know my Dad passed away recently.  This means that I will most likely be moving in the next couple of months.  I’ve got a lifetime of junk to go through.

One of my dilemmas has been what to keep when it comes to my genealogy stuff.  It’s taken me some time to decide what’s necessary and what is not.  My genealogy research binders are the most important thing to me and they go where I go.

Because of this, I have decided to sell some of my genealogy books.  It’ll be hard parting with them, but I will really need the shelf space for my genealogy research binders.  I could also use a little extra money.   So, my lack of shelf space can be your gain!

I am listing all the books that are for sale below.  It includes genealogy, writing, and history books.  Some books cover Hawaii, California, and Ireland.  Some are hard to find.  All are of interest to the family genealogists.

How This Will Work

Each book is for sale through my through my Half.com Shops page.  You can click on that link to see all the books or click on each title in the list below to see a specific book.  If you find something that you want to buy, click the BUY button next to that title.  The secure transaction will be handled completely through the half.com system.  Once I get you’re order, I will package it and mail it out to you.

Why am I selling through Half.com?  Half.com makes it easy for each of us by handling the paperwork end of things.  It is a secure transaction so there is no need to worry if I’ve received the payment or not.  You can make payment with whatever methods Half.com accepts and I can receive payment as Half.com normally pays me.  It makes things easy for everyone.

The Books That Are For Sale

These are the books that are related to genealogy at my seller page with the price I am asking for them.  Please note that the condition of each book is listed on my seller page.  While some are “like new” or have very little shelf wear, some were used when I received them and they look used!

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL OR BLOG COMMENTS IF YOU WANT TO BUY ANY OF THESE BOOKS.  I will answer questions left in the comments of this blog if you would like more detailed information about a book, but I will not be doing any person to person sales outside of the half.com website.  It would complicate things too much.  A book could be sold through half.com while we are working out our transaction and then I would have a mess.

I will respond if you have a question about any of the books via my Half.com seller feedback page.  However, I will not respond to request to purchase these books outside of half.com as it will only complicate things.

This is the link for for my Half.com shop:

Mel’s Half.com Shop

Just a reminder: If you see a book you like, make sure you click the BUY button from that page.  Otherwise, you will be purchasing the book from someone else and that won’t help me at all!

Thanks for looking over the list. I hope to find good homes for all these books before the move.

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