Trying Out a New Blog Theme

Trying Out a New Blog Theme

You may have noticed that the Research Journal looks different.  I was bored, bored, bored with the old theme.  It also was written in an old WordPress format, so I had very little flexibility.

So today, I’m trying out a new one.  It gives the blog a little Hawaiian flair.  I’ve also added two features:

Print this Page, which will allow you to Print, Email, Create a PDF, or Twitter any page on the blog.  Notice that it also allows some flexibility in printing.  You can remove images if you don’t wish to print them.  You can also delete sections of the text if you don’t want those to print.

Share/Save allows you to Email, Share on Social Networks and Other Services, Print, and Bookmark any page on the blog.

Please let me know how these new features work for you.  I’ve tested them on IE and Firefox without problem.  But, since I also messed with the blog theme, I can’t predict what quirks I have created.

I hope you enjoy the new look and the new features.

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