Follow Friday: The French Genealogy Blog

I’ve dabbled here and there with my French genealogy.  There don’t seem to be many resources on the web for French genealogists.  So, I was pleased as punch when I came acros The French Genealogy Blog on

The French Genealogy Blog came online in April of 2009.  The blogger is Anne, who states that she began working on her family tree at the age of 14.  Lucky her!  I wish I had started that young.

This blog is incredibly informative.  Posts cover French history, the archives, records availability, the French language, current issues of interest to those researching their French roots.

A couple of posts that I found useful are:

Learning Enough French for Genealogy

The Republican or Revolutionary Calendar

The Etats Civils – the Acts de Mariage

There is much more to explore on this blog.  If you are researching French ancestry, be sure to check out this blog and read it every day!

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