Memorial Day Weekend Challenge: Add a Soldier to


As we set out to enjoy our Memorial Day weekend, let’s take a little time to remember those who fought for our country and who died in it’s service.  As genealogists, we can do our part to make sure they are remembered.

I’m issuing a challenge for the weekend.  Take one soldier in your family tree, then add a page to in honor of that person.  It doesn’t take very long to create a page or update an existing page.  Tell their story, so their effort will be remembered.

I decided to add Theodore Pacheco who was one of my Grandfather’s cousins.  I wrote about him in the blog post “Theodore Pacheco: A Soldier’s Story“.  Theodore was involved in the battles of St. Mihiel and Chateau Thierry.  He died shortly after returning home due to the affects of chemical weapons.

I chose Theodore because he died young.  He was only 20.  He wasn’t married and had no kids, so he has no descendants to remember him.   I’ve never seen a photograph of Theodore.  The only thing we have is a photograph of his tombstone to show that he was here.  At least now, others will know his story.  This is Theodore Pacheco’s page.

If you add your soldier to, please post a comment or write a post on your blog about there person you decided to add.  One simple page will ensure that they are not forgotten.


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  1. Kay B

    Thanks the suggestion! I added my great uncle George Lineberry who was killed in WWII. He, like Theodore, was not married and had no children.

  2. admin

    Thanks for contributing, Kay! It makes me sad to think that once Theodore’s tombstone fades away, he will most likely be forgotten.

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